The Handover Inspection Report is the builders final ‘To Do’ list at handover. A handover report that verifies the property has been carefully inspected and is ready for the purchaser. This report is important to identify any minor defects or imperfections with the building.

  • Fixtures and fittings have been installed correctly,
  • Paint finishes are of a quality standard
  • All hardware is fitted and works including all doors & windows
  • Appropriate sealing has been made to the wet areas,
  • All cabinets are operational
  • All plumbing and electrical devices have been completed and functioning correctly
  • External treatments have been completed and the workmanship is acceptable
  • Signs of poor workmanship
  • The Handover Inspection Report will outline all defects that require attention. Each defect is marked with a coloured sticker for easy identification by the builder and the contractors. We perform a detailed inspection for every facet including the exteriour and interiour of the home